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We have extensive expertise in data analytics across multiple domains and signal types, with a broad array of technical tools at our disposal to match the proper tools and methods to the application at hand.


We have extensive experience in public and private enterprises.  Our experience runs the gamut—from NIH, CMS, DOD, ONC, FDA, and DHS to major academic medical centers, as well as commercial clients and payers. 

We know how to lead small teams of subject matter experts to build data pipelines, validate inputs and analyze the resulting data sets. We'll set up data collection instruments, identify stakeholders with relevant information, capture and organize the inputs and produce accurate, timely, reports as needed for sponsors and stakeholders. Our approach includes daily data sanity checks and multiple data views to ensure accuracy and relevance. 


We have significant expertise in:

  • Neural Net Packages: Tensorflow, Keras, net R package

  • SQL

  • R scripting

  • R analytics and data frames

  • R Studio/R-Shiny reactive web interfaces

  • C, C++

  • Matlab

  • Fortran

  • Parallel processing: Parallel R, GNU Parallel, data flow architectures

  • Sphinx speech recognition engine

  • Python

  • Embedded systems: Raspberry Pi 3, Pi zero

  • Unix systems: Ubuntu, Red Hat CentOS, Raspbian, Mac OS X

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