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ECG/PPG Signal Processing

Entirely New Algorithm

  • “Clean sheet of paper”

  • Designed to handle active PPG/ECG users in real-time.

    • PPG on watch, ring, etc.

    • ECG with contact and non-contact sensors.

  • Runs in R on compact single board computers, faster than real-time.

  • Believed to be patentable


We are a woman-owned small business focused on services for data analytics, software development, and training.


End-to-End Data Analytics

Enterprises are awash in data from the IoT devices coming on line and from many other sources.  We know how to integrate data sources, clean the data (munge it), perform feature extraction and develop insight from the resulting data sets.

 Statistical analytics

  • Machine Learning: deep neural networks (DNN), random forests, Clustering, Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM), Support Vector Machines (SVM), Dirichlet Mixture Models (DMM)

  • Pattern Recognition: Bayesian, neural nets, KNN, SVD

  • Classical statistical models: : T-Test, ANOVA, correlation, PCA, factor analysis, linear models, generalized linear models, non-parametric tests, Chi-Squared, etc.

Signal Processing

  • Spectral filters: ARMA Exponential, Butterworth, Chebychev, Elliptic, LMS Filtering,  Kalman and Widrow

  • Spectral/Cepstral analysis: feature extraction, spectral estimation

  • Hidden Markov Models: e.g. speech/speaker recognition, molecular spectrometry, Viterbi decoder

  • Language modeling: N-Gram, Finite State Grammars, parsing, phonemes

  • Array processing: beam forming, line tracking

  • Speech signal processing: cepstrum, speech SNR, speech and speaker recognition 


Custom speech recognition service to improve workflow

Speech recognition for IoT devices requires:

  • Workflow understanding

  • Language model development

  • Secure communications

  • We provide custom speech-recognition products for our clients. We use open-source tools and keep the hardware costs as low as possible while delivering the results our clients need to make speech recognition workable. 

  • Solving problems and improving workflow for hands-busy specialists is a goal for some projects. For example, we created an application using PocketSphinx on the Raspberry Pi for First Responder applications with attention word activation and customized language models. 


Custom Development at Your Service


Do you need engineering expertise on demand?

Del Rey can:

  • Develop custom data acquisition and analysis systems for you at very reasonable rates.

  • Evaluate sensors and platforms to help you create the systems you need.

  • Analyze requirements to fit systems to your organization's actual needs.

Stock Market Chart

Do you have complex business or scientific data you need to understand?

Del Rey can:

  • Analyze and identify actionable results, and report to you.

  • Develop reactive dashboards using R-Shiny to update you in real time.

  • Develop live data reporting documents for you in R-Markdown or Jupyter nobooks.

  • Support you with strategic technology perspectives.

Digital Work

Do you need to monitor and classify sensor data?

Del Rey can:

  • Make sense of your sensor data. 

  • Find signals in the noise.

  • Use our advanced algorithms and AI to transform your signals into actionable knowledge.

  • Implement real time signal processing algorithms for you on SBC's, micro-controllers, or compute servers in R, Matlab, C/C++, or Python.

  • Integrate complex open source packages into useful analytics frameworks.

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