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Our Principal Technologists

Del Rey Analytics has senior technical staff with deep qualifications in several areas. 

Our technical domains:

  • Signal Processing and Data Science - Del Rey Analytics Chief Engineer, Vince Stanford, has statistical signal processing, math/stat, and systems development experience, specialized in physiological signals, human language, acoustic signal processing, and even single-molecule sensing.  He was a Technical project leader at IBM and the National Institute of Standards and Technology for 30+ years and spent 4 additional years at the GWU Department of Medicine doing ECG signal processing research, and realtime data acquisition and processing.  He has an M.S. in mathematics and statistics from Georgetown University.


  • Data Science and Realtime Computing - Del Rey Analytics Systems Engineer, Michael Stanford, develops detection and classification algorithms for physiological signals, and acoustic and ultrasound signals in R and Matlab, including DSP, clustering, Linear models, parallel processing, and Web-based R Shiny visualization dashboards.  He also develops real-time interrupt logic on various micro-controllers with ADC's and DAC's in C/C++ for multi-channel data acquisition and waveform synthesis. He has an M.S. in Cyber Security from UMUC.

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